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Reflections of Your Soul 


Aries - March 21 - April 20

6 OF WANDS REVERSED This is no time to sit on your laurels. There is much to be done if you desire to come out on top as right now you are falling shy of doing just that. For some of you it won't matter what you do as there are other factors at play and the thing that you seek has been earmarked for another. For you it may be best to take your extraordinary efforts else where, where they will be appreciated. For others there is a certain amount of gossip going around that discourages your chances and for still others of you it falls in the category of not doing all that you can do. You may have missed out this time around but learn your lesson and step up your game for the next time out.

Taurus - April 21 - May 21

9 OF WANDS You can easily be side tracked by obstacles this month but the good news is that those obstacles can just as easily be the ladder to reach where you want to go if you step carefully and take your time. Sticky situations are only as sticky as you allow them to be. Trust your gut and move forward using its guidance.

Gemini - May 22 - June 21

THE HANGED MAN reversed You are being pulled in so many directions that it is hard for you to see your own path clearly at this time. Sometimes being confused is actually more comfortable than knowing what one wants and doing it and you just continue to pretend to yourself and others that you have got a handle on it. This is OK for a little while but not for the long term. Eventually you should man/women up and step out of your comfort zone into who you truly are and walk to the beat of your drum rather than being pulled in random directions by others. 

Cancer - June 22 - July 22

THE HANGED MAN reversed For you the hanged man reversed shows up much differently than for Gemini... This month you will find people who are well meaning and willing to help you reach your goals but it may not be in your best interest to depend on them at this time. The problem lays in the fact that they are not entirely clear on your goals and in fact you are still becoming clear on them and there assistance may cause more confusion than help at this time. It is a good month for you to step back, say no to help and make time for a clearer picture of your life to rise up inside of you.

Leo - July 23 -August 21

HIGH PRIEST reversed Be mindful of what vibrations you send out this month Leo as they will come back to you in a big way and you are considering some very negative options. Are you asking the gods to appease your selfish needs or are you considering serving the gods with choices that are in front of you that are responsible to humanity as a whole even if they are all about you taking your place in humanity? Ask not what the gods can do for you but what you can do for the gods. Treading on thin ice in a big way this month seems to be your theme and letting go of your desired outcome in this will help to get you out of this mess you are about to create.

Virgo - August 22 - September 23

10 OF SWORDS This month will be harsh emotionally Virgo. For this reason I encourage you to be extra gentle with yourself, to look for blessings in disguise, to take some time to grieve any losses that take place, to find the lessons in the wounds and the like. It is through our greatest defeats/obstacles that we find the most understanding of ourselves and life. Give yourself that luxury. 

Libra - September 24 - October 23

4 OF SWORDS reversed You will be busy this month Libra but the activity will be very productive. You will be following up from your previous quiet time of contemplation and organization of what you want, where your headed and clearing your thoughts of negativity. These negative thoughts tend to want to pop back up when we aren't looking because we are so busy so It will be important for you to take some quiet time for yourself periodically and remember why you are doing what you are doing. You got this!

Scorpio - October 24 - November 22

5 OF SWORDS There is so much going on this month, it will be important for you to be in touch with your inner wisdom and stand close to those you love and who love you. Your inner wisdom is what will keep you and yours this month. Guard your ideas/your babies with vigor and know those who you trust very well. You will need the added strength that comes from that.

Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22

10 OF COINS This will be a great month for you Sagittarius! Lots of love, family, abundance and joy. These are the times that make life totally worth living. You have earned this time and should pause to enjoy it to the fullest as a new cycle will begin for you soon enough and you will be busy with other things once again. Have fun in the fullness of life.

Capricorn - December 23 - January 20

8 OF CUPS Should I stay or should I go seems to be the question of the month. Do give yourself the whole month to find the answer to this question too. You have been feeling a gentle pulling within that says there is more for you than what you have already accomplished. It's not that your life is bad but more and more you find yourself asking yourself "is this all there is?" and feeling that there is something more. Continue to explore for the answers to these question throughout the month. You don't have to decide today and know one even needs to know what you are contemplating; only you. Is this a defining moment in your life, yes!

Aquarius - January 21 - February 19

9 OF PENTACLES reversed You have fallen short of a goal that you wanted to achieve and your tendency right now is to blame others, be needy or give up. I suggest you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and reevaluate the situation from the point of view of full responsibility for your life and the choices you make in it. This will enable you to see more clearly how to rectify the situation and come out on top of what you have been trying to build. Tip: if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Pisces - February 20- March 20

THE MAGICIAN You got this month locked! What you want should be acted upon now and you will see quick results. Everything is in place, you have all the tools you need and the universal energy is shinning on you throughout the month. Fearless action without doubt that results will follow is recommended. Own it!