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Reflections of Your Soul 

Tarot Workshops

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Everyone has a gift, here you can choose to develop yours!

Workshops are always hands on learning, full of insights, create a special bond, with plenty of laughter, love and life! Each one encourages, intuitive development, self-empowerment and active participation in your life!

Nuts & Bolts of Intuitive Tarot for Beginners

August 18th 2019

10am - 6pm

Unlock the secret of intuitive tarot!

Step by step hands on learning! Release your inhibitions to interpret the symbolism of the tarot cards!

Including; how to get in tune, how to dive into interpretation even if you have no knowledge of the cards, tips to help you develop your skill level further and much more! This workshop is jam packed with hands on learning activities that are designed to bring you to an understanding of how it works and how you can tap into it.

Before this workshop is over you will have experienced the magic of Intuitive Tarot Reading first hand, ready to practice with your friends, family and yourself!!!

After taking this class people have said:

"I don't have to use my books anymore! I reached my goal! Thank you Gloria!" Bonnie F. 

"This was Awesome! My favorite part was reading the cards utilizing intuitiveness!" Barbara M.

 "I loved this whole class. It started out good and just kept getting better! Time went so fast." Diane S. 

"This was easy and enjoyable. Answered some life question I had and helped pull the intuition out of me." Thomas S.

 "Gloria presents the information in a friendly fun way. You learn so much without even realizing that you are learning. Great class & worth the drive!" - Ruth S.

 "I gave myself a gift yesterday and took the Nuts & Bolts: Intuitive Tarot for Beginners class taught by Gloria Thayer. In a word...AWESOME!!!!!! Gloria is amazingly knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of encouraging you to trust your intuition. No pressure to perform, just fun & sharing ideas. Highly recommend it to anyone interested!" Linda G., Rochester, NY

There will be a Q&A lunch at a nearby diner if you would like to join during break. Your lunch is not included in the price

$125 contact me to register, $75 deposit in advance to save your space. Call 585.270.8013 or stop by 215 East Ridge Rd. Rochester, NY 14621 to make deposit.

Early bird Special $25 off with completed payment on or before July 13th 2019

Bring your own tarot cards, a journal and a list of questions you may want to have answered. If you are not sure about your deck as a beginners deck give me a call and I can help you out with that. 


How does one tap into intuitive tarot? What good can come from a tarot reading? How can tarot be used as a life tool? 

This demonstration will show how the tarot works. See how you can reach into yourself for intuitive tarot interpretation and what sort of insights tarot has to offer you on life issues. Everyone who participates walks away with insight into their lives that is derived from intuitive tarot. 

Always hands on learning with laughter and love!