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Tarot Reading Descriptions

10 Cards: The Celtic Cross - Over the years I suppose some of the original meanings of these positions have varied slightly through my practice. I'm sure there are several variations of the Celtic Cross but this is how I like to work with it best. It is an informative lay out and there for my favorite. 

1. The Issue - This card represents the most important focus in your life at this time. The focus of the reading. All the other cards relate to this card in some way. Some times we are expecting the topic of the issue and sometimes we want to hear about something else. In the later case usually what comes up is where we need to be focusing our attentions. It can represent a goal or a current state of your life.

2. The Challenge - This card is something that you can do to help yourself in relation to the issue. This can be difficult/challenging but, it is entirely attainable as well as being worth the effort.

3. The Past - This card is the past that still has an influence in what is going on with the issue at this time. It may be a lesson that you learned in the past that you can call upon at this time or it may be a choice that you have made that has lead you to where you are now.

4. The Message - This is the message from your higher-self. You are aware of this but may not acknowledge it as valid as many are taught not to trust their own feelings. This card tells you that you that certian stirrings in your gut are right and to pay attention to them. This card is also very helpful to you at this time.

5. The Recent Past - This card represents something significant that has been taking place over the last few weeks that has had an influence on the issue. 

6. The Near Future - This card tells what is coming up over the next few weeks that will be helpful for you to be aware of.  

7. You - This is how you have been handling the issue currently. Your attitudes or actions that are having an impact.

8. Your Environment - This lets you know of things that are going on around you that maybe helpful or hurtful. It may be something that you need to be doing for a loved one. It may be a hidden influence. What your environment supports or is open for.

9. Your Hopes & Fears - I like to call this position your concerns. What you have been thinking about a lot lately. This is helpful to know if your thoughts are supporting what is best for you at this time or not.

10. The Outcome - This card represents where you are headed if all things stay the same and you continue down this path unchanged. Now it is important for you to know that there is always a choice for you... free will. You can decide to make some changes in your life and there for change the out come. You are the ultimate navigator in this.  

This is the lay out that I use for the General Tarot Reading exclusively. In person this would take a half an hour. This is a great reading for all.

The Major Shift reading is this same reading but offers more cards for clarification and more time for questions & answers. This reading should be done in person and will take about an hour. It is a good reading to use when many major changes are taking place in your life all at once and you need to take some direction in sorting everything out.

The Short Term General reading is the first 5 cards of the Celtic Cross spread listed above.