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Reflections of Your Soul 

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I loved Gloria's "Nuts and Bolts" class! We learned the basics, participated in some fun exercises that helped us develop a connection with the cards and then proceeded to give and receive readings with others in the group. The readings I received were insightful and very accurate. The readings I gave, helped me to have confidence in my abilities. I left with more than enough knowledge to practice and develop my skills further. The class was fun and informative. Gloria is an excellent teacher who has an amazing ability to communicate and teach very effectively.


Rochester, NY


My reading was right on as usual. It is nice to have the guidance from another to lead me in the right direction. You are amazing at what you do and I do take it to heart. You have given me great insight on my future a number of times and are always right even though I don’t listen all the time, ha. It’s very hard to face the truth even when some times I’m wrong. I have gone through hard times, good times, sad times and great times and through them all I always have your tarot readings of wisdom with me to help me through it. You’re a great inspiration in my life. Thank you


Tonawanda, NY

I would like to give testimony to Gloria's skills as a teacher of Tarot. GLoria is patient, understanding, insightful and intuitive. She is very easy to work with and is honest and forthright. I had read cards for myself and friends for many years...but I had only grazed the surface of the meanings of the cards. After taking classes with Gloria my understanding of the symbols in the cards deepened..I gained more confidence in my readings and I consider myself a much better Tarot Reader....Thank-you Gloria....Blessings....Genna Miller, Rochester, N.Y.

Boy, was I shocked! Gloria read my inner most thoughts and desires as if I were standing next to her with a written script in hand. Her reading also helped me to face a few things I have chosen to ignore for quite sometime regarding a current relationship. Thank you Gloria... you saved me from me.


Gloria is a very gifted Tarot Reader and an empowering teacher. Messengers sometimes have a hard time hearing their own messages, and I feel very blessed to have had her to read me. Her tarot reading was 110 percent accurate and all inspiring. I also am grateful that Spirit returned back to Rochester so that many more individuals can experience her healing message work. – Mary B.

Rochester, NY

Good morning, Gloria

Thanks again for the wonderful reading. Here's a testimonial for your collection:

I live in California and provided a business service for Gloria over the Internet. When we finished, she offered to give me a tarot reading. I’ve had readings done in person, and was curious about the quality of a “remote” reading, so I accepted her offer. I gave her no background information or hints about what’s happening in my life right now.

Wow! The reading addressed a couple of critical issues that are “in my face” right now and that I wasn’t sure how to handle (one issue about family relationships and the other a business issue). The reading gave me instant clarity about the appropriate course of action on both issues. This was much needed guidance. I am in awe of the power of tarot (it’s truly “wireless,” so to speak) and I am grateful to Gloria, and people like her, who have dedicated themselves to opening to dimensions of our lives that so often get neglected (or totally ignored), and who are willing to help others.

John Leland

Altadena, California

Dear Gloria,

It was my pleasure to attend your Tarot class. I found your

explanations for the interpretations of the cards useful. Your encouragement on our interpreting the cards, for ourselves, was valuable.

It seems reading the cards is enjoyable and easy when taught in a positive

and encouraging way.

Thanks again,

P.S. I found my deck of cards last week. If you remember I was using my friends deck in class. I am going to put your teaching to good use.

–Diane S. Rochester, NY

Hi Gloria,

Your readings bring clarity to my life when I need spiritual guidance.

Your readings help me to know that even when faced with struggles they too shall pass and they give me emotional support and direction.

Your readings give me hope when I feel confused and lost.

– Susie T.


Gloria’s readings are always very accurate, opening up things for me to look at in my life...and I guess I won't forget the advice to "know when I looked into his eyes." And I did ...and I have. Some of the things she has brought up in readings have amazed me.


Dunkirk, NY

Self empowerment and patience. I gained the ability to empower myself to make needed changes in my life and the patience to await the benefits in my life that occurred after the changes. Meetings with you........Life changing

– Patrina F. Rochester, NY

Gloria, I can say that my reading has really hit home. It also gave me directions and guidance. Gloria's explanations were clear and with patience for my understanding. I'm amazed how she zeroed in on what I really needed to hear at this time. It gave me the confirmation I needed.


Rochester, NY

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