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Reflections Blog

Reflections Blog


Posted by Gloria Thayer on August 24, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Today you are challenged to give up all of your preconceived ideas no matter how far back they originated or what cover a person/thing wears. Find a neutral zone from which to observe from within your being. Open that place for a visit from all those who you would normally dismiss as one thing or another just by looking at them, the hat they wear or remembering them as they once where. Seek the deeper story of them here. You are not required to like them, or not, only to observe the deeper story of them and open to that story rather than blocking it out as already known. What you do with the information you gather in this observation is totally up to you, it is my hope that you discover great things about yourself and others in the process. (I can hope :) GODDESS OBSERVES...

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